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3000.00 INR भारतीय रुपया ₹

2990 INR भारतीय रुपया ₹ ✔
-10.00 INR भारतीय रुपया ₹
3000 INR भारतीय रुपया ₹

30/08/2019 India, Tamil Nadu, Achipatti 314


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TRADE TYPE: Wholesale
Offer type: Sell
Awards, participation in competitions: Yes
How old is the enterprise: 5-10
Licenses: Import and export of fish (fish products)
State equity participation: No
Warranty service: The whole range of warranty service
Product quality standard: Local quality standard
Signature on the contract: Sending the contract to the contracting parties' e-mail addresses on the internet for printing and signing
The way of goods payment: Subscription payment during the contract period
Payment information: Sending a text message with the data on your cell phone
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